"True prosperity is not about toys and trinkets... it's about influence and impact!"

-Jim Baker

“He is the real deal.”

"I've known Jim for over 20 years. I am impressed with what God has done in his life. He is full of the Word of God and he is a powerful minister. I've been to his church and they have a great work. I've been to his house, and I've been with his kids. He is the real deal."

- Andrew Womack

“So much substance and a true impartation of faith.”

When I heard Jim Baker teach an introductory session on the biblical principles of Kingdom Finances, my spirit rejoiced. 

- Dr. Patricia King

Jim Baker

Founder of Wealth With God


My wife and I started leading a church in Powell, Ohio in 2008. We saw amazing breakthroughs in healings—blind eyes open, deaf ears healed, people getting out of wheelchairs, metal dissolving out of bodies, even several dead raisings. Miracles aren’t just for Africa!

In 2011, the Lord told me to go after finances the way that we went after healing. To me, that was an all-out ballistic assault.The Lord handed me an assignment to create a movement of Kingdom wealth-builders who understand that prosperity has a purpose. Prosperity isn’t about toys and trinkets; it’s about influence and impact.

How to Start:

Step #1: Watch my FREE Wealth With God training...

I've created a free training that is guaranteed to change how you think about your finances. Remember ... you're NOT the owner of wealth! It's all God's. You're the manager of God's ever abundant resources. This training will show you why this shift in thinking is critical in how you view wealth. 

Step #2:  Watch My FREE Real Estate training...

After you've watched my training above FIRST, you can get some additional training on one of the most important components of the Wealth With God program... Real Estate. In this free training, I'll show you how you can partner with God to acquire new properties at a fraction of the cost. 

What people are saying...

"Absolutely Transformational!"

-Miriam McKisic

"I Found The Answer to Wealth with WWG!"

-Melanie Martinez

"WWG Has Given Me ROCK SOLID Peace!"

-Lyn Lasneski

"I was just blown away!"
“After reading Jim's book I decided to order the course when I didn't even know what it was about... and it has absolutely changed my life!”
- Rebecca Bramblet
"An Absolute Game Changer!"
“This program broke off some poverty mindsets I didn't even know that I had!”
- Caleb Hyer
"This Course Truly Changed My Life!"
“After following this class I just have this peace about who my true partner is!”
- Carla Reyes
"Chris pretty much covers all aspects of business..."
"Chris took the super complex idea of having a product line that sells, and broke down the key milestones while also providing some serious training wheels."
- Paul Sokol
"Looking for real results, Chris's book..."
"If you are looking for real results, Chris's book brings insights and clarity into your business challenges. Chris Koehl’s method will help you understand where you are in your business, and define the steps to help you move forward. Chris has an amazing ability of boiling down all the “stuff” going on, and guides you to a clear and focused plan. I highly recommend him."
- Silvia Barten
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